why you need a website content audit and a vacation

Your website needs a web content audit like you need a vacation. Stressed, worn out, not performing like normal? Maybe this sounds like your website or maybe you?

The health of your website is crucial for a strong online market. You may reassure yourself that you don’t need a website content audit right now because it’s unnecessary.

Last year was uncertain. Who has extra cash to throw around, right? And an audit sounds like something the IRS drops on you that’s going to lead to further inconvenience than good.


Is Your Website Generating Organic Traffic?

You provide your customers with pretty awesome products, amazing customer help, and your site is appealing. But something is missing to help you reach your marketing goals.

Online sales are acceptable, but your site lacks generating organic traffic. You don’t understand why it’s not performing as it should.


That Family Vacation is Like Your Website

Family drives your business. But finding time to take that family trip is challenging this year.

After months of planning, the day has arrived. You’ve packed the car, the kids have enough snacks to last a week’s worth of road trips. And everybody is getting along.

You’re cruising, listening to your favorite road trip music. Appreciating the peace and quietness while the girls enjoy a movie about a girl locked in a tower a second time around. It’s a double feature, you know!

After hours of all-day traveling, you’ve arrived at the biggest theme park for enchanted princess enthusiasts.

Another parent passes and recognizes the bewilderment on your face and points to the park map.


Location and the World Wide Web

I’m sure it’s supposed to make everything better, but that little star marking your location seems so insignificant compared to the size of the park.

You Are Here the map reads. This is not your thing. You would rather be in the mountains hiking or enjoying some fishing.


Where Are You on the Map?

See, this little star is your location on the map. And this map is your directions to get from point A to point B.

Without it, you can expect hours of frustration looking for the spinning teacups or where to get your picture taken with a big, friendly mouse.

That’s what a website content analysis is like.

a website content audit is like a vacation

A Website Content Audit Gets You From Point A to Point B

A website content audit is a detailed analysis of your website. It checks search ranking and visibility. And provides an in-depth look as to:

  • what is working on your website?
  • what needs improvement?
  • and how to improve it.

Site Content Audits Reveal How to Improve Your Site with


The goal of a website audit is to help evaluate where you currently are. It offers great suggestions on SEO strategies and what changes you can apply to help propel your business forward and get you from point A to point B.

  • Search Ranking and Visibility
  • Understanding How Your Successful Competitors are Ranking and Key Word Strategies
  • Readability for Mobile Responsiveness
  • Generate more Leads and Conversions for your Business.
  • Benefit-Rich Headlines Subheads and Calls-to-Action.
  • It can reveal weak and missed opportunities for calls-to-action,
  • highlight boring copy, and content filled with unappealing promises.
  • and so much more.

Will I Be Able to Understand a Website Content Audit?

You may wonder how hard it is to understand a content audit. Actually, it is very easy to follow and read. We use graphs, charts, and a smooth layout for easy readability. Plus, I schedule a follow-up call to go through it with you. I know you’ll find the entire process very informative and encouraging.


The Big Question

One more thing you may ask is, “how much does this cost?” While big corporate companies offer audits with hundreds of pages you don’t have time to read, they also come with a hefty price tag.

Simply put, a website analysis will save time and money. Creating and optimizing content is hard work. By not understanding what is or isn’t working, you are ultimately wasting both time and money.

You have big goals this year and this is the first step. I hope you’re as excited as I am. Let’s get your website ranking higher and generating the traffic it deserves. You don’t have time to waste on content that isn’t working.


That Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

You have more important things to do like, eating a macaron ice cream sandwich with your favorite people.

Jamie Riley

The Maine Spring Copy Service


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