the truth about a mobile responsive website and your child

Ok parents, we’re going to talk about what’s going on with your website. Is it mobile responsive? And to explain what I mean, we have to talk about an awkward subject. Our children and screen time.

The Growing Epidemic Children and Electronics

the truth about a mobile responsive website and your childIs your child mobile responsive? Before you argue that, let’s see if this next story sounds like one you’ve heard before.

“Mommy, can I get on the tablet?” You glance down and there’s your little guy clinching his favorite toy asking you for screen time for the third time today. He’s staring at you with those big, blue eyes. How can you resist?

You know this drill. Right now, he’s so sweet and polite, but if you answer no, you can expect the next thirty minutes filled with whining, crying, and perhaps an outburst.

How do they always know when you are busy and don’t have time for a meltdown? That’s when the electronics show up like magic.

The Imagination Play Thief

boys turning cardboard box into carFor a mother, electronics may be a blessing and a curse. I have to wonder, do you think we have an epidemic on our hands? Many kids are growing up in front of screens and not cultivating their imaginations to build a fortress from couch cushions to keep out the dragons or designing race cars from old cardboard boxes.

  • Is your child affected by a phone or tablet?
  • Does it influence their mood?
  • Do they constantly want screen time?
  • Do they not mind if it’s your phone, tablet, or laptop?

What Is A Mobile Responsive Website?

A mobile-responsive website can adjust its content and layout to the screen size of any device being used. It reformats the site so that mobile visitors have easy access to the content on your website, with no interruption. Pretty impressive!

Does this sound a little like a child you may know? “Easily adapts to content and layout of any website” whether they are on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Hmm.


Google is Changing It Up Again

Let’s talk a bit about your amazing business and website now. If you built your site recently, chances are it’s mobile-responsive but check with your website designer to be sure.

This is important because Google is indexing and ranks your website based on your mobile version.

I know this may sound unreal, but think about how often you grab your phone to google something. More people are using their mobile devices to get online than ever before. As of March 2021, Google will prioritize mobile-responsive websites in its search results. It’s called mobile-first indexing.

Who Ranks Higher-Phone Decides

What does this mean? Websites that are not mobile responsive could suffer large amounts of traffic and business. Think about that. Your competitors may rank higher than you simply because their site is mobile responsive.

Your Phone Knows

So we’ve learned that while mobile responsive is not a good thing for your child, we know that it’s critical for your website.

First, look at your website from your own mobile device. If you don’t like what you see, call your web designer and ask them about changes you can make right away. If they can’t fix it, it may be time to look for a new website-building platform.


It’s Time To Play

As for our children and the draw to electronics, I think as parents we just need to make ourselves more aware of the pull they experience and that it is a genuine issue.

We know that too much of anything is not healthy. And as much as electronics can be helpful in so many ways, there has to be a balance because they are here to stay.


Grab A Sword and Defend the Fortress

So what do we do mom? We grab a sword and prepare to defend the fortress (our home) from the digital dragons that are trying to invade!