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Services to Streamline Your Business


At The Maine Spring, we offer a variety of content and copywriting services to streamline your business, add content to your website, and offer valuable information for your audience.

We specialize in profile and bio writing, SEO website content, articles, blog posts, newsletters web analysis, and email campaigns. One of the most valuable services we offer is a 21-point content audit of your website. We are currently scheduling a month out.

Do you already have a website and content, but would like it freshened up for you? We can re-write your copy as well.


parenting copywriting services

 “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.”-Linda Wooten, writer




21-Point Website Content Audit

I’m currently scheduling content audits four weeks out. This is by far the best tool to grow your business in 2022. Why? Because it offers a detailed overview of how your site is showing up in search engines and amongst competitors. Google is changing how they rank websites now that 50% of visitors are using mobile devices.


Website Content

Websites are an integral part of building a business. It’s the first introduction to who you are, what’s important to you, and how you can help your audience. Your website can inspire, encourage, and motivate those to take action. As a content and copywriter, we thread every piece we compose with SEO to help you get found organically and to sell your product or services to new and existing customers.

Are you building a new website? Maybe you need help to get the main pages up and running or a fresh set of eyes for some simple updates?


Articles and Blog posts

Keep your website fresh with weekly or bi-monthly Blog posts and article writing. They allow you to stay in contact with readers and share information about important topics. The content and copywriter you choose must understand your audience and vision.

Writing unique content can be overwhelming. Let us help. Our goal is to only compose easy-to-read, research-based, SEO-optimized articles, and blog posts with your vision in mind.

Need some help or training while you write your own? We do that too! Ask me about assisted coaching.


Content Editing, Copy Editing, and Proofreading

Is your copy sounding too corporate or lacking that special something? I can give your existing content the refresh it needs. I can edit and rewrite your copy into engaging, persuasive content that captivates and connects with your customers.



The internet has changed marketing forever, and the customer is in control. You have just a few seconds to grab their attention. Chances are you have signed up for a newsletter to receive a free download or to stay connected with your favorite websites.

If you’re not using an email marketing campaign, consider a monthly newsletter campaign. It’s a great way to keep your clients/patients informed and share success stories from your work.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the number one most used copywriting service on the market today. Are you currently using an email marketing campaign? Or are you new to autoresponders? Simply put, email marketing is a strategically written sequence of emails sent out over time. When a marketing campaign works correctly, products and services sell effortlessly. It keeps you in contact with your audience until they are ready for your product or service. Have you ever given your email for a free download to a favorite website? That’s an autoresponder! These are a great way to build relationships with your clients/customers.

If you’d like recommendations on autoresponder services, click here.


Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is nearly as important as your website. Customers follow people, services, and websites they love on social media for quick daily updates and posts.

Need help with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest? I can help with creating a weekly/monthly plan for posts, hashtags, or bios. We also offer Pinterest post bundles.


LinkedIn Summary Writing


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and the 21st century’s most powerful marketing tool. Your profile is a free ticket to countless new business opportunities and potential customers. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to make an online presence in the business world. Instagram and Facebook are great for social media marketing, but LinkedIn is where the professionals go.


Ready to get started? I’d love to chat with you soon and brainstorm ways to grow your business.