What is the Maine Spring or “mainspring?”


Ok, Jamie. You’ve been talking about this for a while now and I’m intrigued. So what is the mainspring, and why is it important?

To truly understand, we have to back up a moment.

Before reading this, I want to encourage you to grab your favorite drink, find a quiet spot just for a few minutes and get comfortable.

As you’re reading, really think about what I’m about to share with you.


What is the mainspring?

This invisible force…what I call the mainspring, is in everyone of us. It’s real, and it’s powerful.

A story, as unique and fragile as each one of our lives. It’s taken fine tuning to get to where you are. Through every twist and turn. Every person… whether they have crossed through your life or remained and played a major role.

Every life event, small or large. Encouraging you with every wonderful memory you’ve experienced over the years and molding you with every test and trial you faced.


Growing Up in Maine


My “mainspring” really did begin in Maine. I grew up in New England in a small town in southern Maine. You could say part of what makes up my story was “stitched in” as it seems sewing played a huge role in my life as you will learn.

The Maine Spring growing up in MaineMy grandparents had ten children. Six daughters and four sons (pictured left). As each one married, my grandfather gave them a few acres within a mile of the home they grew up. It was a large brick home built around the 1700s and full of history.

After the military, he developed his skills as an upholsterer. My grandmother was a southern girl and made the best sweet tea and had experience as a seamstress. All the children learned the trade in some form. Many grew up and carried on the business even till this day. Even for me, one of my favorite hobbies is sewing and creating.

One day, maybe I’ll be able to write about all the events that made up my childhood, like growing up with twenty or more cousins to play with nearby. Riding our bikes down the road to the big old barn where papa ran the upholstery shop. Stopping along the way to pick elderberries or relaxing on grandma’s front porch eating leftover biscuits from the morning and sipping a glass of ice tea.


Your Story Has Designed You

Your story may sound much different from mine, but it’s yours and it has molded you into the person you are today. No matter what the events were…good or bad. It is part of what propels you with every decision you make.

As an adult now with daughters of my own, I find it difficult at times to find those precious quiet moments in life to reflect.


A Quiet Place in a Stressful World

You know, there’s a quiet place we like to visit as a family every once in a while. A little place tucked off the beaten path where you can still hear your thoughts. Off the main roads, down a curvy worn out trail, deep in the woods. A spring where clear, ice-cold water bubbles up from deep within the earth.

In a world where there seems not much time to sit for five minutes or even catch your breath,…a place like this feels like a little piece of heaven.


Why Are You Here?

This brings me to you. This brings me back to why you are here, and why our paths have crossed.

Just like this spring, there’s a driving force behind every substantial business. That driving force is the backstory to what has truly made you “you.” Something deep within that pushes you when it’s tough.

There truly is a greater calling to everything you do. We can easily lose sight of that vision just with everyday life. But when we take that time to sit and reconnect with ourselves, we’ll find it’s always been there. Just waiting for it all to come together.


Clear the Channels

When the channels are free of distractions, it shows in everything you do…including your business. You are here because you are looking for a copywriter. But really, what you’re finding is a lot more about yourself. I’m passionate about what I do and what I can offer my clients. I lead with the mainspring because it truly is what is driving you to succeed in your business. When the channels are clear, you’re able to offer unique, purpose-driven content and copy that taps into a deeper place, and the results are refreshing.

Jamie Riley