10 Things to Know About Jamie Riley

Before She Writes Your Content & Copywriting


1. It’s Good for You

 I’m a “wannabe” more healthy person. I love the idea of eating just “good for me” foods but I’m also a realist, so at our house, we do the 80/20 and I’m ok with that! It allows for less stress and the occasional hot fudge cake.

2. Excercise is Our Friend

I did Pilates through each of my pregnancies. I like lightweights more for strength and to keep tone… but honestly, all I get in lately is the occasional walk down our fence row.


3. Siblings

I’m the oldest of five kids. I have two sisters and two brothers. Most of us are spread out all across the country. Yup… from Maine to Alaska.


4. Cold is Not for Me!

 I grew up in Maine and lived there until I got married at nineteen. Some of my favorite childhood memories were sledding down papa’s big hill with cousins and ice skating on his pond. I don’t mind the cold, but only if there is snow to get out in play. Other than that, I choose hot over the cold!

5. Retail Therapy

I’m not into fancy bags or clothes. I’m past that. I do like to shop and resell. If I need a break from the weekly routine, you may find me stopping by our local thrift store searching for treasures. Some get kept for our 1940s farmhouse, others get sold online.


 6. Sew-What?

I have a love for sewing and creating. It’s both relaxing and fun for me. My family created multiple businesses in New England-based around sewing, and I guess that’s where it comes from. I don’t like patterns. I’d rather come up with my own design. My favorite is creating unique, modest denim skirts.


7. Eggs, I Despise Them

I don’t have a reason or even know when it started because my mom says I ate them as a kid. Hmm, maybe it’s her fault. It’s become the running joke actually, but I don’t think it’s funny. Every time my husband makes eggs, he insists on asking me if I want some. Like I’ve changed my mind after all these years or something!

8. Hydration is Key

I love ice-cold water, southern sweet tea, and coffee with a bit of cream and sugar. How about you?


9. Biggest Life Change

Oh wow! This is hard because I feel many life events have shaped my life. The experience and opportunity of becoming a Mama has made me look at my entire life differently and am so grateful. The ten years we spent in the military have molded me in ways I never would have thought either.


10. Where’s the Wagon? 

I think in a past life I may have been a pioneer woman. You know… traveling across America looking for a place to homestead. I am drawn to that time period. Photos, books, movies… I love learning about pioneer life. Physical work is like therapy to me. Digging in the dirt or clearing a fence row. Yup, it’s good. Life was physically harder back when America was being formed. But sometimes I wonder if that is what’s missing from building hard-working young adults today.

Your Turn!

I’d love to hear from you. Share with me an interesting fact about yourself. Tell me what we have in common! 


Jamie Riley