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I’m on a mission to learn, share, and inspire my clients and blog followers along the way. Hey there, it’s Jamie Riley at The Maine Spring Copy. I write SEO content and copy specific to your audience with your voice.

My goal is for you to leave here feeling encouraged in your business ventures because you finally met someone who can write how you think. Maybe you stumbled upon my blog and discovered some motivation for whatever is going on in your life. That makes me overjoyed because let’s face it, life is hard. But I sincerely believe whatever we’ve been dealt in life is the lesson we are called to teach and share with others.


What’s Your Story?

At The Maine Spring, we believe everyone has a story and one worth sharing with the world.

As your content and copywriter, my passion is weaving that story into your copy in such a way that your readers sit back, take a deep breath, and say, “That is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” That is the difference between persuasive copy and compelling copy.


I’ve Been Your Ideal Customer for Years

See, as a wife, mom, Christian, and friend, I’ve been your ideal reader and customer for years. And that, my friend, is what your key audience is looking for. Any seasoned content and copywriter can learn persuasive copy, but compelling copy that comes from a deeper source turns your visitors into friends that stick around. It’s what I call “the mainspring.” The difference is noticeable, I promise.


It Doesn’t Feel Like Work When It’s with Friends

I would love to talk with you about a few projects you may be working on even the ones you’d love to do “one day” but haven’t found the ideal person to assist.

Let’s schedule a meet and greet and talk about your business!

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller.