Long-tail keywords improve your blog posts and website content. One way is simply by eliminating much of the competition in a Google search. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your target audience visit your site and make a purchase the same day?

Wow, talk about conversion! That’s the beauty of long-tail keywords, they cut out the lookers and send the buyers.

Let’s go to the park and talk about your website content and kites today!

long tails on kites and your website content

The Joy of Spring and Kite flying

Every spring as the air warms, and the March wind picks up, my girls get giddy with anticipation for kite flying season. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching your child run carefree across a field of spring green. The enjoyment on their little faces the moment their kite lifts off the ground and soars into the blue.

Maybe for moms, it’s paired with the happiness in knowing you made it through another cold, gloomy winter. Letting the kite string out ever so slowly till it takes flight. Then giving it all you got as the kite climbs. The vibrant colors of the kite reminiscent of the promise God gives after every rain and watching them dance across the sky.


The Science Behind High Flying Kites

long-tail key words and kite makingHave you ever researched how to build a kite with your kids? If you haven’t, you should! You’ll find countless ways to create these high flyers. Everything from the best aerial construction, the right materials, and even techniques that allow them to soar into the clouds.

This can lead to hours of fun and memorable moments with your children, but it all boils down to a couple of simple principles. Similar to an airplane or a bird, these four forces affect how a kite flies. They are weight, lift, thrust, and drag.

Weight is the downward force generated by the gravitational attraction of the Earth on the kite. The force of weight pulls the kite toward the center of the Earth.

Lift is the upward force driving a kite high into the air. Lift happens as air flows over the top of the kite faster than the speed of air moving under the bottom of the kite.

Thrust is the forward force that propels a kite toward motion. A kite must rely on tension from the string and moving air created by the wind or the forward motion of the kite flyer to generate thrust.

Drag is the backward force caused by friction that acts opposite to the direction of motion. Simply put, it’s the difference in air pressure between the front and back of the kite.


Why Kites Need a Long Tail

Let’s chat about tails on kites. A long tail produces lateral stability for a kite. A small kite tail allows the kite to maneuver around too easily and causes twisting. If a kite’s tail is too long, it may be hard to keep it flying because of the extra weight.

Hmm… so long kite tails are extremely important, but not too long. We also know the structure and the materials needed to construct the kite are key.

long tails on kites and your website content


What You Need to Construct Ideal Website Content.

Now that we are familiar with kites, let’s discuss your website’s content and the worldwide web. Anyone with an online presence knows that writing content like an article or blog post will not get you found on Google. Similar to a kite, it takes a plan and the right materials to construct an amazing piece of online content.

Time is valuable as a business owner. So why waste time or money on content no one will read? You have two options, either pay a content marketer to write your blog posts or learn to construct your own like a seasoned kite maker!


Why Your Website Needs Content Created for Your Ideal Client?

Guess what happened when corona attempted to shut down the world? We saw determined business owners reassess and pivot. Some businesses didn’t realize they had options for an online market. They turned to the internet in the comfort of their homes to search for creative options to save their businesses.

Well, guess what happened? Something amazing. The content industry saw ten years’ worth of growth in nine months! Content is everything right now. When you understand your ideal customer and solve the problem of a pain point, your business will soar. This is important to understand as you read on!


How to Construct a Great Blog Post or Article

how to contruct a blog post with long-tail keywordsThere are many factors that go into content writing online. Well-written blog posts and articles for your business are the easiest ways to attract your ideal customers by offering fresh content. Some of these elements help in producing great online content.

  • Keywords for SEO
  • Content that solves the problem to a customer’s pain point
  • Headlines with a blend of uncommon words, emotions, common words, and power words
  • Subheads every 300 plus words
  • 1,500 to 2,500 plus word count
  • Readability at a seven to eighth-grade level
  • Images with alt attributes of your keywords:
  • A CTA or Call to Action!

Right now, we’ll just cover keywords. And specifically long-tail keywords and how they differ from just keywords.


What is a Long-tail Keyword?

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases visitors are more likely to use when closer to a point-of-purchase

Long-tail keywords are usually more like a phrase than a keyword. They are search terms with relatively low search volume and competition levels. Also, long-tail terms comprise three or more words than a normal search.

Single-word phrase: kites
2-3 word phrase: nylon kites
Long-tail keyword phrase: high-quality nylon kites for tournaments


Google Loves Long-tail Keywords

Someone typing in the word “kite” probably isn’t quite ready to buy. Would you agree? This simple search could be for how-to build kites, unique kites, or pictures of colorful kites. We don’t know.

But when someone gets serious, researched kites, and is ready to buy, they are going to search for something like “high-quality nylon kites for tournaments.” When this magical moment happens, chances are they will make a purchase.

long tails on kites and your website content

Long-tail Keywords and Your Website Content

Any ideas on the number of hits for the keyword “kites?” There are approximately 151,000,000 searches. I’m pretty sure my content couldn’t compete with a business specializing in “high-quality nylon kites for tournaments.”

And how many people search for “high-quality nylon kites for tournaments?” There are approximately 5,750,000 searches! That’s still quite a lot, but it definitely lowers the playing field for businesses like myself that may want to write a post about kites with affiliate links but don’t actually make or sell them.


Long-tail Keywords and Content Conversion

So, are you seeing how this simple mindset shift can bring a better conversion to your website? Whether you are a lifestyle blogger and focus on writing posts with products to share or a business offering a specific product. Construction, materials, and understanding are ideal.

long tails on kites and your website content

For the Love of Kites

At last, we’ve arrived at the part kids of all ages will enjoy. I loved researching for this post and enjoy sharing my findings.

  • What are the best tips on DIY kites?
  • What to look for when purchasing a kite?
  • Where’s the best place to buy a kite?

One of the neatest sites I discovered was Kite.org. It’s constructed by the American Kitefliers Association and overall, just a great place to learn, create and shop.

Here’s a quote from their website:

Kite flying is a wonderful and peaceful pastime. Kiting is for everyone — whether you’re a child who just built your first kite out of newspaper and twigs or a competitive sport kite flier who spends every available minute practicing your craft. We all share the same love of kite flying.

They have an entire section on how to build a kite and also sections on the history of kites, different types of kites, and even a section on events centered on kites.

long tails on kites and your website content

Kite Flying for Health and Happiness

If you’ve followed my blog or Instagram posts long enough, you know it gives me great pleasure offering content of encouragement and inspiration to my followers. A new perspective is important on how to tackle life’s trials. Have you looked at kite flying to be mindful? Mindfulness is a method that requires being present and paying attention. I never considered kites that way, so when I stumbled upon this it intrigued me.

This article talks about the benefits of kite flying on your health. You’re outside in God’s marvelous creation, it’s a beautiful day. It’s peaceful to gaze up and follow a kite dance lightly across the sky.

Kite Therapy and The Kite Man of Martinez

Have you ever considered kite flying as therapy? It’s so amazing to me when you shift the way you observe life, you notice that even basic activities like kite flying with your children are beneficial to how physical and mental health.

Do you know “The Kite Man of Martinez?” Tony Jetland took his appreciation of kites and developed them into a world-class kite flyer. He now designs and flies his one-of-a-kind creations to bring enjoyment and happiness to his city.

“When I get people to come out and look to the sky, it’s creating moments for moms, dads, and kids,” said Jetland. “You can’t help but feel pride that the sport that I enjoy is enjoyed by so many people. This is why I do it.”

Now it’s Your Turn

In conclusion, kites are a simple and relaxing pastime that can bring enjoyment to many. I encourage you to experiment with your kids in kite making or find a favorite kite that makes you smile and plan a picnic with your family this week!

Oh and don’t forget the fresh lemonade and cookies… and the long-tail for the end of the kite!


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