What You Need To Know When Hiring

a Content and Copywriting for Your Family and Parenting Business


why you need a freelance parenting copywriter

“As a mother, my job is to take care of the possible

and to trust God for the impossible.”

– Ruth Bell Graham


Q: Why should I hire a freelance parenting copywriter? Can’t I just have my web designer or hire an agency to write my copy?

A: Most times, your web designer will add some content to get your site up, but usually, it’s not SEO content or doesn’t speak to your key audience or have your business goals in mind. You could hire an agency, but in most cases, the cost is much higher. A freelance copywriter that writes for your niche is your best choice for affordable, one-to-one services that truly has your best interest in mind.


Q: If I decide to go with a freelance copywriter, why should I choose you?

A: When choosing a freelance copywriter, you want to choose someone that has both the skills and passion. I am not only a trained and certified content and copywriter, but I am a mom, wife, Christian, and friend. I pour all my experience into my work and put myself in the place of your ideal reader and a potential client.


Q: What type of copy do you offer?

A: At the Maine Spring, we offer a variety of copy and content options to propel your business. New website copy, refresh an existing website, LinkedIn bio profiles, blog posts and all are SEO content. Here is a link to our services page. 


Q: How much do you charge for your content and copywriting services?

A: Every project is different and requires different things. I do not post my prices as I feel I can give you the best price based on exactly what you want to be done and not just a “one price fits all” deal. We customize each project to your needs and budget. I think you will find my prices fair, affordable, and competitive.


Q: Will I get a price upfront? 

A: Yes, absolutely. We complete all negotiating upfront and no surprises at the end.


Q: What are the terms if we work together?

A: If you decide to partner with me and have me write your content or copy, I ask for 50% down and 50% once I complete the work.


Q: Once I agree, then what? 

A: I’ll usually want to set up a zoom call or speak with you by phone. We will discuss a variety of topics related to your marketing objectives, prospects, customers, and competition. I’ll gather as much information as possible (written or verbal) to use in preparing your copy. A few days later you’ll receive an estimate. If you decide to go forward, I ask for 50% down.


Q: What’s your writing style?

A: I can’t write great copy unless I become your ideal customer. I have to become your “target audience.” I believe you’ll be happy with the results.


Q: What form will I receive my copy in? 

A: I’ll provide the copy to you in MS Word sent via email. I can also send it in PDF form if that works better.