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Hi, it’s Jamie Riley, I’m a freelance content marketer and copywriter specializing in the Family and Parenting Industry. At The Maine Spring, we compose or rewrite website SEO content and copy, blog posts, articles, and profiles.

Are you a mom, a mompreneur, or a business marketing products and services to families or parents in general? If so, you and I have something very important in common. We share a vision and dedication to enhance the lives of others.

My goal is to always create unique content for your audience but always keeping your vision in mind. The result is compelling copy that builds relationships with staying power. What sets us apart is something we call “the mainspring.” Once we think like you, we can write like you. And that makes all the difference.


Your Readers are Thirsty for Content


There is no question about it, your potential customers have countless options on products and services online. Did you know that the average parent is bombarded by nearly 5,000 ads a day? No wonder as a mom we are exhausted.

It’s important to understand the mindset of your reader and ideal client. I liked this article about the most searched parenting questions by state. We all come from different backgrounds and different stages of life.


What Is Propelling Your Business?


You know, there’s a quiet place we like to visit as a family a few times a year. A little place tucked off the beaten path where you can still hear your thoughts. Off all major roads, down a curvy path in the woods. A spring where clear, ice-cold water bubbles up from deep within the earth. Doesn’t that sound amazing after the year we have had?

Just like this spring, there’s a driving force behind every substantial business. Something deep within that pushes you when it’s tough. There truly is a greater calling to everything you do. When the channels are free of distractions, you’re able to tap into a deeper place . The results are unique, purpose-driven services and content to your family and clients and refreshing!

You’re looking for engaging original content and articles tailored to your audience and your website’s style. It must speak to your unique readership. Am I right?

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You Need More Than Persuasive Copy

Persuasive copy generates leads and converts prospects into customers.

 But compelling copy that weaves a story and taps into a deeper source, turns customers into relationships and builds powerful, long-lasting companies.”    

– Jamie Riley

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No matter where you are on your business journey, at The Maine Spring we offer a wide range of services to help propel your business and reach your goals.


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If you do nothing else to invest in your business in 2021 this one is a must! This 10+ page report will show you exactly the changes you need to make to your website to rank higher with Google and your competitors.  I’m currently scheduling audits for March. Learn more here.


LinkedIn Profile/Bio Writing

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and the 21st century’s most powerful marketing tool. Your profile is a free ticket to countless new business opportunities and potential customers. See an example of my profile writing here.


Write or Rewrite Your Website Copywriting & Content

Websites are an integral part of building a business. Your website is the first introduction to who you are, what’s important to you, and how you can help your audience.

And much more!

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Hi, it’s Jamie

Meet Your Family & Parenting Copywriter…

Maybe Over Coffee?

Jamie Riley Indiana Copywriter

Nothing is more satisfying than helping others reach their goals and creating a healthy family lifestyle.

As a parent, homeschool mom, and wife of a disabled veteran, my time is valuable and limited. Every piece I read online has to count. I am sure your readers would agree.

Wouldn’t it be great to connect with a real person? Someone who truly understands the vision you have? Someone who can tap into the mainspring of what propels you to serve them. I’m excited for you because we share the same passion for helping others reach their goals.

Are you ready? I hope so. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.

Areas I am Passionate About


  • Military Families
  • Mom-Owned Businesses
  • Natural Birthing Options
  • Newlyweds just starting out
  • First-time moms adjusting to mom life
  • Families in crisis or trauma
  • Children and family mental health services
  • Teaching parenting techniques
  • Public and home educating options
  • Transitioning life moments; like the loss of parents or sending their first child off to college
  • Pediatricians and family health practitioners
  • Kids toys and games companies
  • Children’s and baby apparel and products
  • Family organizations
  • Fundraising groups

Ultimately, I love helping people and hearing your unique stories. If you feel we would work great together, please reach out to me and we can schedule a time to talk about your projects!

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